Jenny Jones is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated talk show “Jenny Jones,” but her resume includes many careers including waitress, bookkeeper, temp worker, fashion model, caterer, comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, author, food blogger, and philanthropist. In 2005, once she achieved success, Jenny established the Jenny Jones Foundation as a way to give back and help those who are underserved. Through her foundation she has given millions of dollars in the areas of scholarships, educations, and public health and safety.

In 2008 she established “Jenny’s Heroes,” a program where she committed  two million dollars to individuals who used it to improve their communities.  After choosing one hundred Heroes and covering all fifty states, Jones concluded the “Jenny’s Heroes” program, but she continues to help communities in need. In the summer of 2016, Jenny donated $200,000 to fund a new, state-of-the-art playground in her hometown of London, Ontario.  The following year, Jenny made a $50,000 donation to My Sister’s Place, a London shelter that provides services to all women without judgement.

Jenny feels strongly about supporting firefighters and first responders, people who dedicate their lives to helping others. “They run into places when others are running away,” says Jenny, “willing to take risks in any emergency from devastating fires to vehicle collisions to water rescues. I want to help them stay safe.”

In March of 2019, Jenny reached out to the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) with an offer of support for the volunteers who serve in her home state. A dialogue soon followed with Executive Director, Gene Gantt, and Association Services Director, Anne Mullinax, the details were worked out, and within a matter of days Jenny’s Heroes California was born.

The OAFC, which was established in 1922, is the oldest and largest statewide fire association and represents almost 15,000 firefighters, advocating for their working conditions and safety. Members include paid, volunteer, military and industrial firefighters, members of the California Department of Forestry, United States Forest Disaster Office, Office of Emergency Services (Fire and Rescue Division), State Fire Marshal’s Office, State Fire Service and Training Program and California state-employed firefighters.

Through Jenny’s Heroes California, the Jenny Jones Foundation is offering grants to provide safety equipment for California’s volunteer fire departments. Jones lives in Los Angeles and wishes to support her local heroes.

For more on Jenny, please visit www.jennyjones.com

For more on the CSFA, please visit www.csfa.net