“I’ve lived in California most of my life and have seen so many of our firefighters head into dangerous situations to save lives and homes and property.
To show my respect and admiration for what they do, I am offering  grants up to $25,000 to help keep them safe.”
– Jenny Jones



Adin Fire Protection District – Adin, CA


To Help Repair Engine 4722

(June 1, 2021) The Gold Fire was a dangerous wildfire that burned in July 2020... (read more)

Idyllwild Volunteer Fire Company – Idyllwild, CA


To Purchase Two New Automatic External Defibrillators

(June 1, 2021) "These two AEDs will be available to rapidly provide life- saving defibrillation to... (read more)

Dobbins Oregon House Fire Dept. – Oregon House, CA


To Purchase Extrication Equipment

(June 1, 2021) Every second counts when going against the golden hour known in... (read more)

Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Dept. – Trinity Center, CA


To Purchase Three Pairs of Wildland Boots

(June 1, 2021) "We responded to an escaped burn pile that threatened to... (read more)

Hornbrook Fire Protection District – Hornbrook, CA


To Purchase PPE

(June 1, 2021) A new volunteer and is in need of properly filling PPE. The gear they have does not... (read more)

McCloud Badge

McCloud Fire Department – McCloud, CA


To Purchase a UniMac Extractor & FireLine Software System

(June 1, 2021) Firefighters have about a 14% higher risk of dying from cancer than the general public.... (read more)

daggett fire truck

Daggett Fire Department – Daggett, CA


To Purchase a New Fire Hose and Turnout Gear

(June 1, 2021) The turnout gear most of the 30 volunteers have is from the late 1990s and has ... (read more)

Lockwood Fire Protection District – Volcano, CA

GRANT: $3,000

To purchase two wildfire turnouts for new volunteers

(April 20, 2020) "Outstanding!" said Chief Robert Withrow, when I called to share the good news... (read more)

Mosquito Fire Protection District – Placerville, CA

GRANT: $10,000

To purchase personal protective equipment (PPE)

(April 20, 2020) "We currently have personnel who are not properly outfitted...... (read more)

Cazadero Volunteer Fire Dept. – Cazadero, CA

GRANT: $11,000

To purchase a washer/extractor

(April 20, 2020) Firefighters routinely work in environments that deposit carcinogenic materials and...... (read more)

Little Lake Fire Protection District – Willits, CA

GRANT: $5,000

To purchase personal protective equipment (PPE)

(April 20, 2020) "At 6'5" and 360 pounds, this needs to be a special order. He will be so happy...... (read more)

Jenny's Heroes California

Yolo Fire Protection District – Yolo, CA

GRANT: $5,000

To purchase structural and wildland fire gear

(April 20, 2020) Service to the community runs in the family in the Yolo Fire Department.... (read more)

Jenny's Heroes California

Twain Harte Fire – Twain Harte, CA

GRANT: $5,000

To purchase new wildland firefighting personal protective equipment

(April 20, 2020) All gear will be compliant with NFPA 1977 standards and will greatly improve...... (read more)

Long Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. – Cromberg, CA

GRANT: $4,080

To purchase wildland pants and shirts and extrication/medical jumpsuits

(April 20, 2020) "Seriously? Did we win?" He said he'd been checking every day...... (read more)

Jenny's Heroes California

Rescue Fire Protection District – Rescue, CA

GRANT: $1,800

To purchase two personal size thermal imaging cameras

(April 20, 2020) These personal size thermal imaging cameras would allow each person...... (read more)

Jenny's Heroes California

Stones Bengard Volunteer Fire Dept. – Susanville, CA

GRANT: $8,500

To purchase personal protective equipment (PPE)

(April 20, 2020) The volunteer department will use the funds to purchase 6 turnouts (coat and pant sets)... (read more)

Sutter Creek Fire Protection District – Sutter Creek, CA

GRANT: $960

To purchase eight reflective jackets

(April 20, 2020) "We would like to replace our current reflective jackets that the firefighters wear during...... (read more)

La Honda Fire Brigade – La Honda, CA

GRANT: $5,000

To purchase a rapid-intervention air supply pack.

(April 20, 2020) This kit contains an emergency air supply bottle and accessories used to...... (read more)

Suisun Fire Protection District – Fairfield, CA

GRANT: $25,000

To purchase new structural turnout gear

(May 23, 2019) "We are in dire need for structural turnouts... (read more)

Mt. Shasta Volunteer Fire Zone – Montague, CA

GRANT: $15,000

To purchase three SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

(May 23, 2019) Their SCBAs are 20 years old and safety is... (read more)

Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Dept. – Fieldbrook, CA

GRANT: $5,000

To purchase a radio repeater station and solar panels

(May 23, 2019) There are numerous dead spots in the valley where ... (read more)

Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Dept. – Shaver Lake, CA

GRANT: $3,500

To Purchase a 2,500 gallon portable water tank

(May 23, 2019) "It will save us a lot of time, eliminating the chance that ... (read more)

Kings Mountain Fire Brigade – Woodside, CA

GRANT: $3,000

To Purchase two portable radios

(May 30, 2019) The Kings Mountain 16-member volunteers serve thousands of residents... (read more)

CSFA Steamer Team – Vintage Fire Engine

GRANT: $4,500

To purchase new parade uniforms for the Steamer Team

(May 23, 2019) This 1902 horse-drawn steam fire engine was a gift ... (read more)