CSFA Steamer Team – Vintage Fire Engine

May 23, 2019

CSFA Steamer Team

This 1902 horse-drawn steam fire engine was an anniversary gift but it didn’t look like that in 1991, when Barbara Hubert surprised her husband Dave with this vintage 1902 steam engine for their 25th anniversary. It was desperately in need of restoration and was just the project for Dave’s artistic talents. It took five years and in 1996, the stunning steamer was lovingly and totally restored. It’s still operational! Dave is retired and spent 30 years as a firefighter.

Jenny's Heroes California

I was lucky enough to see and actually climb onto the Steamer this past March when I was invited to the annual Fire World Convention taking place in Los Angeles. My four-legged partner up there is “Blaze,” the Steamer mascot. It’s my pleasure to provide $4,500 to purchase 22 new firefighter parade embroidered red bibs and 5 hats.

“These shirts & hats will be used to replace 15 year old tattered uniforms and hats worn during Fire Service Public Relations programs to educate the public about the Fire Service,” said Barbara Huber, ” and also to educate the public regarding Fire Prevention.”

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