Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Dept. – Shaver Lake, CA

May 23, 2019

Jenny's Heroes CaliforniaLocated in Fresno County, the Pine Ridge Volunteers have very limited funding and have requested $3,500 for a new portable water tank. They recently acquired a new water tender which is used to provide water to the fire engines leading the attack on wild land and structure fires. The 2,500 gallon water tank is for use with the water tender.

“We are the first line of defense for our community, which is approximately 40 miles east of Fresno,” said Chief James Parr. “Our rural and forest areas seldom have hydrants or easily available water sources, so we rely heavily on water tenders to provide water to our actively engaged engines. Having a 2,500 gallon portable water tank to fill will allow us to deliver water and immediately leave to re-fill and return.”

Without this tank they would have to provide water to the other fire trucks directly, and wait until they are able to consume the entire 2,200 gallons the water tender carries. The portable water tank will save a significant amount of time in water delivery and we all know that minutes can save lives and property.

I spoke to Chief James Parr. “It’s so wonderful,” he said, “and it will save us a lot of time, eliminating the chance that a truck will be empty and not be able to fight a fire until more water arrives.” He also said it was nice to hear that their efforts are appreciated.

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