Little Lake Fire Protection District – Willits, CA

Apr 21, 2020

Jenny's Heroes California

(April 20, 2010) Fire chief Chris Wilkes requested funding for new structure turnouts for the department’s volunteers. Born and raised in Willits, Wilkes joined the Little Lake Fire Protection District as a 21-year old volunteer firefighter. From there he managed to work his way through the ranks of the fire district by means of education, dedication and hard work. He is now the very proud Fire Chief of 40 strong volunteers.

I called and spoke to administrative assistant, Michelle Schitzius. When I gave her the news of the grant, she almost started to cry. It turns out that this grant will be helping in a big way, and I mean that literally. They have a new gentleman (Aaron) who just joined the department and they do not have a suit to fit him. At 6’5″ and 360 pounds, this needs to be a special order.

Michelle told me he wants to do all he can but he can only fit into a jumpsuit now, which is not safe for going to structure fires, only collisions. “This is amazing and he will be so happy,” she said. And I am so happy to do my part.

(July 10, 2020) All the new equipment has arrived! Check out all the photos…

Jennys Heroes Grant

Jennys Heroes Jumpsuit Additional

Jennys Heroes Jumpsuit

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