Mt. Shasta Volunteer Fire Zone – Montague, CA

May 23, 2019

The request from the Mt. Shasta firefighters was to upgrade their self contained breathing apparatus to meet the new requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. Their SCBAs are 20 years old. “Keeping our volunteers safe is always our top priority,” they wrote in their application, “and your acceptance of the grant application will go a long way in keeping our budget from being depleted. Thank you.”

I’m happy to provide $15,000 to purchase this vital safety equipment.

2 Comments on "Mt. Shasta Volunteer Fire Zone – Montague, CA"

  1. Patricia Morton

    Amazing, you all deserve it so much.. you are such a blessing to your community
    Thank you Jenny for being Gods shining lite to everyone

  2. Mary Cameron, Admin Capt.

    Thank you so much for the grant cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. We would not have been able to afford purchasing up to date SCBAs without the help of your grant. A hundred thank yous won’t come close to how much we appreciate this.

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