Long Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. – Cromberg, CA

Apr 21, 2020

Jenny's Heroes California

The Long Valley Volunteer Fire Department provides initial response to wildland fire in the Plumas National Forest which surrounds their district and community. They need to replace firefighter wildland pants and shirts as well as extrication/medical jumpsuits for their members. This grant of $4,080 will allow them do purchase all of this gear. They are the primary agency for structure protection within their district and outlining areas in cases of mutual aid request and are the response agency for all traffic accidents within their district.

I called Steven Peters today with the good news and he was so excited. “Seriously? Did we win?” He said he’d been checking every day and even shared the news at home, “We got the grant, babe!” It was my extreme pleasure to make this call today.

(Sept. 13, 2020) I heard from Chief Peters, who sent in this great photo with this note: “These are one of the nicest pieces of gear we have gotten in years. We are so proud and honored by Mrs. Jones’ generosity to our Department. Our photograph includes three of our newest recruits who I hope to be able to outfit with the same suits this fiscal year.”

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