Suisun Fire Protection District – Fairfield, CA

May 23, 2019

“We are in dire need for structural turnouts for our firefighters,” Chief Ronald Glantz wrote in their application,  “and this would greatly assist in being able to outfit our volunteers with updated gear that will be in compliance with the standards. There are 40 volunteer firefighters with this department and some of their gear is 25 years old!

I spoke to volunteer Alfred Abruzzini to give him the good news that they would be receiving $25,000 for new turnout gear. He said even when they get hand-me-down gear from other departments, there are already old so this was exciting news for the team. Alfred even invited me up to see what they do. (I already know what they do – that’s why I am doing what I can to show my support)

Congratulations to the Suisun Fire Protection District on receiving this $25,000 grant.

Nov. 5, 2019 – Alfred send some terrific photos of the new turnout gear. “Attached are a few pictures of the new Structure firefighting gear that you have purchased for us. Sorry it has taken so long to get some pictures over to you. I will try and send more pictures when they become available. Thank you again for what you have done for us!!” I appreciate the photos and am very happy to do my part.

Suisun Fire - Jenny's Heroes CaliforniaSuisun Fire - Jenny's Heroes CaliforniaSuisun Fire - Jenny's Heroes California

Suisun Fire - Jenny's Heroes California

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